Thursday, 29 March 2012

Johnny and the Giros

Hailing from Central Scotland, Indie-Electro band Johnny and the Giros are a band everyone will want to take off all their clothes and dance about naked to. After forming in 2007, JATG went down the route of modern 80's music which hooks and captivates their audiences, forcing them into some kind of strange, exuberant dance - the kind where you don't really know what you're doing, especially when the clothes come off. This has happened in many of the venues the band have played throughout the UK, including Glasgow's prestigious King Tut's (which was a sell-out). They have also supported many well established bands like Fenech Soler, The Sunshine Underground and the now disbanded Dykeenies. Below is The Day That Friction Overcame Fun and by going further you can get their newest release For Ourselves. Have a listen and don't blame me if you're mum walks in on you naked dancing.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Cancel The Astronauts- Intervention- Review

Cancel The Astronauts are one of Edinburgh's most exciting upcoming bands. They perform 'secretly miserable pop tunes' that people love to dance to, and are due to release their brand new single Intervention, following up from their two critically acclaimed EP's, and their stint on the T-break stage at T in the Park. This will consist of the following:
Is this a sheep dog? Very clever.
A. Intervention
B1. Echoes of Love 
B2. The Hardest Thing 

This can be found and downloaded on CAT's Bandcamp for a mere £3:

Hard copy CD's will be released on April 16th- the same day iTunes put it up for download.

I have had the privilege of receiving a copy of this single already and it's fair to say I'm more than impressed.
Opening with Intervention, we are hit with the powerful synths, foot tapping, head nodding drum beats and catchy lyrics. This particular song "documents those messy ends and sleepless nights when a relationship
is over bar the admission of it." From listening, you could never tell this was the meaning. How secretly depressing. The next track Echoes of Love features much more guitar with softer interlinking synth. Coincidently, the crux of this follow on track is the loss of love- depression is a recurring theme.
Lastly, the acoustic The Hardest Thing brings a much more mellow end to the single, a calming end to indie pop tunes. And guess what the general feeling stemming from this track is?

Overall, Cancel The Astronauts are setting a name for themselves with the release of this single. The flawless synth will play a big part at gigs (a list of which to follow) as it will appeal to the young, energetic crowds of Scotland- and hopefully further afield. If you're liking their sounds, why not catch them at any of their upcoming gigs:

24th March - Sneaky Pete's, EDINBURGH (wIThe Bad Books & Fuzzy Star)
6th April- Henry's Cellar Bar, EDINBURGH (wi Astronaut Head, The Cosmonauts & Fishing For Seagulls)
13th April- Saucy Mary's, SKYE
14th April- Newmarket Bar, THURSO
18th April- Flat 01, GLASGOW (MILK)
19th April- Cafe Continental, GOUROCK (BEATCLUB)
(plus more TBC)

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The Pantomime Villains

Just a quick update, check out the BRAND NEW video from The Pantomime Villains-Hook, Line and Sinker. Exciting stuff from an exciting young band!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Second Hand Marching Band

Just a few of the 20+ members.

The Second Hand Marching Band are a Scottish indie-folk band who have been together since the Autumn of 2007. The band started off as just one man and spread to the grand number of 23 over the period of just one month. Notable instruments used by these extra members include flute, ukulele, horns, mandolin, sax, accordions (and quite possibly the kitchen sink) all coming together into a huge 'untraditional folk' sound. The band take their influence from more traditional folk music and other Scottish bands like Glasgow legends Mogwai.

SHMB released their first EP A Dance Half to Death in 2008, comprising of 6 tracks. Layers upon layers of melodies are carefully constructed, with the intertwining sounds of ukulele, guitars and brass which helps to create a unique sound - and not one you would expect to hear, considering the instruments. The band continued this trend as they released their second EP Grit and Determination while then going on to record a session for the BBC.

This is A Dance Half to Death.
You can download both EP's as well as a compilation album all for £6 here:

Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Meursault are an alternative indie folk band from Edinburgh who use traditional acoustic instruments, such as guitar, banjo and ukulele, teamed with electronic sounds to make their own distinctive music. Lead singer, Neil Pennycook’s powerful voice also makes the band’s music unique.  Meursault have released two full length albums to date, the first Pissing On Bonfires/ Kissing With Tongues in 2008 which was placed at #16 in The Skinny's Scottish Albums of the Decade and their second All Creatures Will Make Merry in 2010.

Although the band is fairly successful, I think they still deserve more recognition so go and have a listen.

This is New Ruin from the album All Creatures Will Make Merry:

And this is A Small Stretch Of Land from the first album Pissing On Bonfires/ Kissing With Tongues:

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Washington Irving

Washington Irving (probably named after the American author) are a 5 piece indie folk band, similar to the likes of fellow Scots Admiral Fallow, My Latest Novel, Frightened Rabbit etc...
I've listened to a number of songs from the band on Youtube and I noticed that, for a band with so much talent and potential, they clearly aren't getting a fair amount of publicity back. So have a wee listen and if you like what you hear, spread the word. This band deserves the recognition.

Sunday, 4 March 2012


Danish indie rock outfit Efterklang, who formed in December 2000, have released 3 albums to date. Their music is well orchestrated with moments of relaxation merging with some electronic fun. 
Their first album Tripper was released in 2004. This album has a more of an electronic sound compared to the later releases, the next of which was their second album Parades  in 2007 and then their third album Magic Chairs in 2010, though compared to the first album, the third is a lot more instrumentally based.

This is the fun animated video for Mirador from their second album Parades.